Accidental Spicy Chili

Accidental Spicy Chili

IMG_2876I was reading through a recent post of one of my favorite fashion bloggers and she shared this chili recipe. She said that it was the best chili she had ever made and I know that she liked it as this wasn’t the first time she mentioned it in a blog post. Well it sounded good to me and was something different so I decided to make it for dinner earlier this week.

Everything was going really well that afternoon, until I realized that there were these green items in my can of diced tomatoes that I was adding into the pot. Not exactly what I was going for. Unfortunately, I noticed a little too late that the diced tomatoes that I had purchased also contained green chili peppers in them! This caused me to panic for a few seconds; then I started to contemplate how I could reach in and somehow remove all the green chilis from the hot pot. Well that idea quickly became futile and I just left them as they were and just hoped for the best…

To be honest, the chili was way spicier than what I was hoping for but it was still really good and flavorful. I think it helps that I was cautious with the amount of heat I initially added. The recipe calls for 3 Tablespoons of chili powder and I only added one to err on the side of caution. This was probably my saving grace in making the chili still edible and not a fireball in the end.

I was really happy with the result of this chili dinner even with my tomato/green chili can mishap. This recipe also makes a huge quantity for two people, which I really like since it was great for multiple meals. If you make this recipe, leave comment below and let me know how you like it!IMG_2879IMG_2882IMG_2883IMG_2889IMG_9325 (1)



GF BBQ Pulled Pork

GF BBQ Pulled Pork

As the cold weather has started settling in, I am definitely wanting to utilize my slow cooker again. For me, the slow cooker is not something that I really use during the Spring and Summer months, which makes it even more exciting to start using again in the Fall. I also love how quick it is to cook dinner so much earlier in the day and then not have to worry about rushing home to get dinner started, when it actually is all ready to go when you get home.

My husband mentioned pulled pork the other day and that he hadn’t had it in such a long time, so I decided to make pulled pork sandwiches for dinner. I created my own recipe based on a few other recipes that I found, but feel free to be creative with the seasonings, you can’t go wrong! I served the sandwiches with broccoli and french fries to make dinner a little bit more fun.

Please excuse the lack of attractive photos, I realized at the last minute that I had gotten too wrapped up in cooking and almost forgot to take them. I promise the pulled pork tastes better than it looks!

2014-10-26 14.01.39

2014-10-26 19.10.29

2014-10-26 19.10.47

Gluten-Free Pulled Pork

3 lb. boneless pork shoulder

18 oz bottle of gluten-free BBQ sauce (I used KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce)

1/2 tsp. garlic powder

1/2 tsp. onion powder

dash of salt

dash of pepper

1 cup water

Rinse off pork shoulder with water. Place in slow cooker. Add in BBQ sauce and seasonings. Add in the water and cover slow cooker with lid. Cook on high for 5-7 hours, flipping the pork every two hours. Once pork is fully cooked, shred it with a fork. Drain excess liquid as necessary. Serve on gluten-free bun, with extra bbq sauce if desired. Enjoy!