Woodland Forest Baby Shower

Woodland Forest Baby Shower

A slight diversion from my typical blog posts, but I wanted to share with you another passion of mine: event planning. I’ve always enjoyed planning events and even did it as part of my career for a short while. So when I had the opportunity to co-host my best friend’s baby shower I was very excited!

We decided on a woodland forest theme as to coordinate with her nursey and it couldn’t have worked out better. With the help of Pinterest, lots of greenery, my dad’s woodworking skills and many pinecones later, we created a woodland forest inside my home.

The menu consisted of: bacon mushroom quiche, pinecone cheese balls, kale quiona salad, yogurt parfaits, baby bottle cookies, chocolate covered “twig” pretzels, forest fruit punch and chocolate mushroom cupcakes.

In the coming weeks I hope to share with a few of the recipes from the food that I prepared, but for now please enjoy the pictures below.


How cute are these mushroom cupcakes my friend made?!!


My mom made the wooden BABY garland, isn’t it darling?img_2047img_2049

My friend also created this mobile too! Isn’t she creative?img_2048

More to come from me on the recipes, stay tuned!



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